What tutorials would you like to see next?

+119 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 Anonymous . · April 14, 2016
JavaScript MV* frameworks or SVG + JavaScript on Canvas :D
0 gaban scopper · April 14, 2016
Dear Bucky,

You teach us too much. Can you please make some videos about what type of website or apps should we develop to make at least 3k in a mouth. It looks silly but since all of us developing something i want to hear what you think about that. It is obvious you made a lot of those things so your commends, strategies, ideas would make efficient changes on your students. You are teaching us the first step " implementation parts" , but i am sure you have something to say about making money process after developing some products. Please at least consider about this. I would love the hear some sort of business things from you. 
0 Shariq Ansari · April 14, 2016
Hi Bucky! Will You please start series of RUBY.... Pleaseeeeeeeeee
0 Michel Nauen · April 14, 2016
Whaddup hoss, I'd love to see a continuation of your Angular 2 Tutorials. 

Your tuts on that topic were fairly new, so I guess that's a work in progress?

Anyways, you're awesome, keep it up!
0 Jimmy Rodriguez · April 13, 2016
you could make a tutorial in AI (artificial intelligence), robotics
0 Dhruv Singhal · April 13, 2016
Complete series on SVG
0 Billy Lynch · April 13, 2016
Web graphic design with photoshop
0 Faheem ullah · April 11, 2016
Please make a tutorial on social networking
0 ahmed bashir · April 11, 2016
what about c#..  ???anyway even if u dint make it, is ur tutorials about c++ going to support me during  c#..?
actually iv had benefit from ur c tutorials....and am thinking about c++ even though am doing c# so i just want some one to give me the green light..? 
0 David Drew · April 11, 2016
Hi bucky please can you do Projects in Java ? LIke billing systems, reservation systems ?


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