What tutorials would you like to see next?

+105 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 Naidel Perez · October 28, 2015
Hey bucky i think you should make a new C++ Game Development tutorial. More advanced tutorial maybe longer with more information.

I have been trying to leave game development for a while now and you are probably the best instructor out there to my taste. I would really appreciate if you made a more advanced and longer C++ Game development series.

Thank you,
+2 Parth Shah · October 28, 2015
Please do advance Python
the python for beginners was awesome, I would like to did deep into python
0 Abdulkadir Demirci · October 28, 2015
I want to see FORTRAN77 programming language
+1 Milorad Jekic · October 26, 2015
i would like to see lots of java exercises to sharpen my java skill :)
+1 Jagdeep Matharu · September 19, 2015
Selenium :)
+1 ishwiin doe · September 18, 2015
Data structure in c++
+1 Sidi Ali · September 18, 2015
More advanced Java tutorials :)
+1 jethro daniel · September 18, 2015
Xamarin C#..There are not many Video Resources on xamarin... I had to learn by reading books upon books!
+5 Philip Hardwick · September 17, 2015
Hey I think you should make a series on ethical hacking
0 Adeline Faye Lompon · September 16, 2015
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