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+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 Harshit Agrawal · April 17, 2016
Tutorials on adobe after effects,Illustrator!
0 Babagoni Osman · April 17, 2016
Android Payroll system Please
0 Nestor Acuram · April 17, 2016
google maps tutorial using android
0 Jay Jay · April 17, 2016
Hey Good day everyone 
***********************Data Structure ******************
I am currently having problems searching a txt file for a list of specific strings . 
I am using a delimiter not to sure exactly how am i to go about with it . 
Text file info 
"As an exercise for English students, 
generate ten random words and have the student write a story 
that incorporates those words in the order they're generated." 

And now ill like to choose out a list of specific words for example : order ,words, the ,that . 
Its basically like a search for specific words with in a paragraph . 
The programming language im using is JAVA . 

Note that im using binary tree . 
If anyone can assist me with this ill greatly be thankful :) 
0 Hristijan Ilieski · April 15, 2016
Google Cloud Messaging with Android? :)
0 Dakota Jandek · April 15, 2016
After your 59th episode of the intermediate java tutorial where you had the server client instant messenger, you mentioned making a game that would use that concept. If you would make a tutorial on how to use that with say an updating method, rendering method, etc in a thread, that would be awesome, as I'm unsure of how to add a multiplayer aspect to my game with so many different actions (placing towers, placing troops, using a menu) and have everything coexist with each other. if you did make that game with the server client aspect, im sorry i missed it, but i did look through all the playlists in your youtube page, and would love it if someone could link it for me. really loved the videos!
0 Glenn Cook · April 14, 2016
Love to see some ruby on rails 
0 Harry Orinda · April 14, 2016
Could you please do a whole tutorial on FRAGMENTS  #Android development.:P:P
0 Jonathan Bentley · April 14, 2016
How to use Microsoft Azure Portal maybe??

I would also like a category for website development and in which order we should learn things for newbies :)
0 Anonymous . · April 14, 2016
JavaScript MV* frameworks or SVG + JavaScript on Canvas :D

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