What tutorials would you like to see next?

+108 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 Jimmy Rodriguez · April 13, 2016
you could make a tutorial in AI (artificial intelligence), robotics
0 Dhruv Singhal · April 13, 2016
Complete series on SVG
0 Billy Lynch · April 13, 2016
Web graphic design with photoshop
0 Faheem ullah · April 11, 2016
Please make a tutorial on social networking
0 ahmed bashir · April 11, 2016
what about c#..  ???anyway even if u dint make it, is ur tutorials about c++ going to support me during  c#..?
actually iv had benefit from ur c tutorials....and am thinking about c++ even though am doing c# so i just want some one to give me the green light..? 
0 David Drew · April 11, 2016
Hi bucky please can you do Projects in Java ? LIke billing systems, reservation systems ?

+1 Rishab jain · April 11, 2016

Since Google is a very big company and it started it's own language GO LANG . and I would like to learn atleast basics of it . So can we get the vedios over it as Beginners for GO LANG

0 amer awir · April 11, 2016
I have been searching the web for a tutorial that will take you through the process of building a professional Website from the very beginning ( Layout design ) to the very end ( Up load it on the network ) on a production level ,....
So if i you can make a tutorial that can cover the entire journey that will be awesome and it will be really helpful for those who don't have enough knowledge about Web design to make there first presentable Project .
Thanks for all the awesome tutorials your work is amazing :)
0 Nic N · April 11, 2016
Something related to web application security :)
0 muhammad shargeel · April 11, 2016
Hi Bucky Roberts i m new student here n learning just c language , i have little misconception to use function or term "for" in C i m writing code in C uesing "for" but there is some mistake i con"t compile my code can u guide plz i m very thankfull to u.....for example my code is..

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
    int a;
  for ( a % 2 == 0 ; a > 0 ; a / 2 ) {
        for ( a % 2 != 0 ; a > 0 ; a-1/2 ) {
            printf("%d\n", a);
            return 0;
  scanf("%d", &a);
    return 0;

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