What tutorials would you like to see next?

+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 add hub · December 22, 2016
Python Desktop Application Development with PyQt ...
0 ( ° ʖ °) ( ° ʖ °) · December 22, 2016
how to:
shoot pictures
compose music
+1 Dominic Sears · December 22, 2016
Universal Windows Platform development with C# and C++.
0 Pavel Ro · November 29, 2016
Maybe Elixir ?
0 chase singhofen · November 29, 2016
hey bucky,

i like the function video, but i am trying to call something from the main(). i am not quite sure how? i have read way to much on topic with no success. i know its prob something easy that i am overlooking. thx for everything
0 Christian Wray · November 29, 2016
I would like to see a tutorial series on image and audio decoding in C. Preferably PNG, JPEG, BMP, MP3, OGG and WAV.

Thank you! 

0 raul resendez · November 29, 2016
A tutorial on how YOU learn new material. Methods or processes you use to understand and retain information. 
0 chuck norris · November 29, 2016
stock trading

creating smart contracts on ethereum
+1 Abhijeet Bhagat · November 29, 2016
on digital marketing helps us lot, thank for great work
+1 chuck norris · November 29, 2016
Bitcoin tutorials

you definitly need to do Bitcoin coding tutorials there is only 1 guy on youtube doing bitcoin coding tutorials and he does noob stuff

please do BITCOIN tutorials, id do them myself if i would know how to

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