What tutorials would you like to see next?

+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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+1 jeff prince · October 12, 2014
+7 Nika Mchedlidze · October 11, 2014
These were mentioned few times but, my opinions: C++ Game Development, OpenGL, making engine/framework, Blender/Wings3D (or some other easier and more personal use 3D modelling software) so, more game development, etc. maybe you should do 2D/3D Unity yourself too :P.

I might post again if I have any new ideas.
+2 Batuhan Ay · October 11, 2014
Python web frameworks
0 Corni Lee · October 7, 2014
How about http://www.openwebanalytics.com/ Open Web Analytics which is like Google Analytics but it is open-source and it is avaliable as plugin in Wordpress?
+2 Glenn Cook · October 6, 2014
Much more php and oop within the language, and database within php
0 Otto Fekonja · October 6, 2014
+2 Dennis Jimenez · October 6, 2014
I think that you should upload some tutorials on Game Programming with C++, like you did with Java. C++ is always the choice of programmers in terms of Game Programming, as oppose to Java, which is for making everyday programs. Thanks!
+8 Code _Monkey · October 4, 2014
Bootstrap Tutorial 
0 gerben b · October 4, 2014
Some people mentioned Java. I support that!

I think some of the older Java tutorials need some updating. Especially the Game Development tutorials, since the way Java deals with graphics has changed so much throughout the years.
-1 Brian Hill · October 3, 2014
Responsive web design!

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