What tutorials would you like to see next?

+105 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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-1 Andre Portilla · June 19, 2014
This is a long shot for me, but I'm studying computer engineering and Verilog programming (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verilog) is kicking my butt! it's hard to understand and there's not much help on the web, plus I have one of those hard headed teachers that likes to see his students suffer through it.
-1 owire billy · June 19, 2014
i would like to tutorials on Laravel 4.2 php framework and application development using ASP.NET anyway thanx for you tutorials they are really awesome
0 Sheldon Juncker · June 19, 2014
Perl! You've covered almost every web development language except this one. :-)
+2 Gregory Ballantine · June 13, 2014
How about some Perl tutorials? :D That would definitely be interesting.
-2 JOhaL jaTT · June 13, 2014
i would like to say that please make video series about 


1. Introduction to Analog and Digital Transmission: Telephone system, Modems, Types of
modems, pulse code modulation.
Transmission & Switching: Multiplexing, circuit switching packet switching, hybrid
switching, ISDN service transmission.
2. Local Area Network Protocols: CSMA Protocols, BRAP, MLMA, IEEE standards 602,
Token Bus, Token Ring, FDDI.
3. Data Link Layer Design Issues: Services provided to Network layer framing, error control,
flow control, link management. Error detection & correction, Elementary Datalink Protocols.
4. Design Issues of Network Layer: Services provided to transport layer, routing, connection,
internet & world wide web.
5. Network Security and Privacy: Brief Introduction to Cryptography.
6. Network Services: File transfer, Access & Management, Electronic Mail, Remote logic

JAVA SCRIPT Image slider and content slider just like you tube does .


+1 Miloslav Nosek · June 13, 2014
Some application programming in GUI or even better .. game development series :). But all the posts here looks interesting so I'll just go with whatever others want :D
-2 Alexander Best · June 13, 2014
QA (quality assurance) or Testing. Why not.
+3 Alexander Taylor · June 13, 2014
C++ network programming

how to use sockets, how to create a server client program and how to secure the data being sent between the 2.
+2 Predrag Kostic · June 10, 2014
How to use linux terminal?
+2 Colonel Panic · June 10, 2014
First, I would like to see some of the existing ones built on.  Especially like the idea one post had about building projects.  The basics of all the languages you have done are well covered, but I would like to see something like python have videos that show how to read and write from a SQL database, or parse command line options and arguments with modules like optparse.  Intermediate and advanced lessons IMO

Perl, because looking at it makes my head bleed, and would like to learn it in the most easy fashion.

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