What tutorials would you like to see next?

+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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+1 Roman Stephenson · December 3, 2014
So i would want to see like a complete project being down and it would be functional, for c++ and java and a complete website as well which would require all of the web programming languages we have learned so far like javascript, php, python, ruby,sql and database, html and css. 
+3 Mahim Ahmed · December 2, 2014
Game Development with c++ . And more much more c++ videos intermediate, advanced , application development and as much as you know .
+1 sajjad ali · December 2, 2014
kali linux
0 LP new · November 29, 2014
Tutorial on sending SMS to mobiles
+2 Kaisar U4itel · November 26, 2014

Java EE. Enterprise Java Beans, Java server Faces.


Java Spring.

All firms in my city require this knowledge of Java. All Enterprise firms seem to be using only Java.

Also, maybe just show us how to serve JSON using Java EE (RESTful APIs), because nowadays many people are using Ember or Angular on the front-end.

Thank you.
+2 George Politis · November 26, 2014
An AngularJS tutorial would be nice. Since Angular is very complex and you have a gift making things look very simple :-) . It will be very nice and helpful. Maybe with some connection with Firebase. Something like that.
-1 LP new · November 26, 2014
Tutorial on Securities in Website Design:

I think its time to put few videos on securities in coding HTML / PHP / SQL. I went through tutorials here and there bits and pieces of info randomly found about securities. May be Bucky can take up dedicated tutorials for securities in coding and website design.

security should be the priority, wouldn't you agree on this.:)

Bucky's once in while, respond anything to let know you or someone is going through these comments/suggestions.
0 Qun Yu · November 10, 2014
I'd like to have video tutorials on Linear Algebra from Mr. Tarrou. I like his style :)
0 kathiressan sivanes · November 9, 2014
Hey Bucky , i would like to see a tutorial about the swift programming language. ;D
0 jan burg · November 7, 2014
Making an android app!!!! I'm not sure what phones you got access to, but it would be mostly using the ADT plugin for eclipse and java related stuff.

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