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+108 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 Jay Jay · April 17, 2016
Hey Good day everyone 
***********************Data Structure ******************
I am currently having problems searching a txt file for a list of specific strings . 
I am using a delimiter not to sure exactly how am i to go about with it . 
Text file info 
"As an exercise for English students, 
generate ten random words and have the student write a story 
that incorporates those words in the order they're generated." 

And now ill like to choose out a list of specific words for example : order ,words, the ,that . 
Its basically like a search for specific words with in a paragraph . 
The programming language im using is JAVA . 

Note that im using binary tree . 
If anyone can assist me with this ill greatly be thankful :) 
0 Hristijan Ilieski · April 15, 2016
Google Cloud Messaging with Android? :)
0 Dakota Jandek · April 15, 2016
After your 59th episode of the intermediate java tutorial where you had the server client instant messenger, you mentioned making a game that would use that concept. If you would make a tutorial on how to use that with say an updating method, rendering method, etc in a thread, that would be awesome, as I'm unsure of how to add a multiplayer aspect to my game with so many different actions (placing towers, placing troops, using a menu) and have everything coexist with each other. if you did make that game with the server client aspect, im sorry i missed it, but i did look through all the playlists in your youtube page, and would love it if someone could link it for me. really loved the videos!
0 Glenn Cook · April 14, 2016
Love to see some ruby on rails 
0 Harry Orinda · April 14, 2016
Could you please do a whole tutorial on FRAGMENTS  #Android development.:P:P
0 Jonathan Bentley · April 14, 2016
How to use Microsoft Azure Portal maybe??

I would also like a category for website development and in which order we should learn things for newbies :)
0 Anonymous . · April 14, 2016
JavaScript MV* frameworks or SVG + JavaScript on Canvas :D
0 gaban scopper · April 14, 2016
Dear Bucky,

You teach us too much. Can you please make some videos about what type of website or apps should we develop to make at least 3k in a mouth. It looks silly but since all of us developing something i want to hear what you think about that. It is obvious you made a lot of those things so your commends, strategies, ideas would make efficient changes on your students. You are teaching us the first step " implementation parts" , but i am sure you have something to say about making money process after developing some products. Please at least consider about this. I would love the hear some sort of business things from you. 
0 Shariq Ansari · April 14, 2016
Hi Bucky! Will You please start series of RUBY.... Pleaseeeeeeeeee
0 Michel Nauen · April 14, 2016
Whaddup hoss, I'd love to see a continuation of your Angular 2 Tutorials. 

Your tuts on that topic were fairly new, so I guess that's a work in progress?

Anyways, you're awesome, keep it up!

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