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+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 Lidor E · January 19, 2017
hey bucky, I kind of new here, Im currently watching you java, python, ruby, js and c# tutorials, and I would really much appreciate if you be able to do a more advanced tutorial on the Ruby language, thank you and have an awesome week !
0 Abishkar Bhusal · January 19, 2017
Hi bucky    

where have you been. you havent uploaded any video since past 7 months. You are  the awsoem person. Yoy have helped me to learn and many other people to learn so much. Please continue to upload your tutorial
+1 Apoorv Vatsal · January 19, 2017
Here are some suggestions:

1. Tutorials on Data Structure and Algorithms

2. Game development tutorials

3. How to design a social networking site?

4. The Perl Programming language

5. Swift Programming language

6. Tutorials on network security
+1 Ajay Sharma · January 19, 2017
hi Bucky , your tutorials are just awesome . please provide the tutorial on machine learning . I will be very thankful to you
+1 Siddhant Virulkar · January 19, 2017
0 Simeon Georgiev · January 19, 2017
MEAN stack
0 Emil Shigin · January 19, 2017
A podcast by you
0 Ez AVA · January 19, 2017
action script
0 Stanley York · January 19, 2017
How about macOS app development using Cocoa?
0 Ian Fabricatore · January 19, 2017
Raspberry Pi projects and working with GPIO

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