What tutorials would you like to see next?

+108 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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+2 Aybars Arslan · February 12, 2015
+5 pratt 15 · February 11, 2015
Raspberry pi (Thumbs up) 8-)
+1 ducky mcsmiles · February 7, 2015
Well,I think you gave up on the frog spear tutorial a bit too quickly,I mean only one tutorial for something so important and yet 200+ for app development?,it doesnt make any sense especially when there are so many frogs in the world,I think you should at least consider making a few more so frog hunters all over the world can benefit from your knowledge
+2 Thomas Hibbard · February 3, 2015
I'd love to see a Lua tutorial.
+2 Mahmoud Abdel Ghani · February 3, 2015
i need a php tutorials that you will explain not another one
+3 David Drew · February 3, 2015
Blogging and how to profit from them,,,
+3 Erp Eight · February 1, 2015
A project like project lisa to make a website like thenewboston
+1 Rachael Benedict · January 29, 2015
I would love to see an updated HTML5/CSS3 tutorial in the form of a project.  I think being able to create something during the tutorial helps a lot with learning.  It would also be great to see project type tutorials for JavaScript, Python etc. Thanks for all the tutorials so far.  It's nice to find a way of learning that is simple and not boring!
+1 Paul doro · January 29, 2015
A real time Java project for gaining experience . I know you have done 3dx max, you can now do Maya.
0 Sheldon Juncker · January 29, 2015
Surviving the Wilderness 3  ;)

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