What tutorials would you like to see next?

+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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+2 Kaisar U4itel · November 26, 2014

Java EE. Enterprise Java Beans, Java server Faces.


Java Spring.

All firms in my city require this knowledge of Java. All Enterprise firms seem to be using only Java.

Also, maybe just show us how to serve JSON using Java EE (RESTful APIs), because nowadays many people are using Ember or Angular on the front-end.

Thank you.
+2 Muamet Shasivari · December 18, 2014
I think it is time Bucky to make a tutorial about Windows Phone with C#;)
+2 George Politis · November 26, 2014
An AngularJS tutorial would be nice. Since Angular is very complex and you have a gift making things look very simple :-) . It will be very nice and helpful. Maybe with some connection with Firebase. Something like that.
+2 Alexander Rackliff · January 24, 2015
+2 Tyler Lafrance · June 23, 2015
Some kind of computer security?
+2 Vikranth Pendyela · June 23, 2015
Hey Bucky,

You have been making programming videos for many years and making it interesting for dumb students like me. But I was just wondering if you can make videos on theory parts of computer subjects like software engineering (Principles, methodologies, DFDs etc)
+2 Neil Cannon · January 24, 2015
How to set up our own security and encryption code to keep our personal data safe and secure. Or to give an early warning for persnal data under attack or being monitored. Just watched "The Imitation Game, a film about Alan Turing."
+2 Muamet Shasivari · December 14, 2014
Bucky..I would like to have two tutorials but made by you.
The first one is WINDOWS PHONE DEV for the beginners
and the other one is Creating MOBILE APP for beginners but to be included everything from A-Z,like;

Design,local database,synchronized hosted database if that is correct name or better said
to have client and server side scripting.
+2 Ricardo Gullo · December 14, 2014
3D Unity Tutorials , and Advanced 2D Unity for new tuts.
+2 Olzhas Zait · June 6, 2014
Tutorial about Buckysroom would be nice. You favorite techniques for social network programming. What are the most hard parts you faced?

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