What tutorials would you like to see next?

+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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+2 Edwin Cullen · April 1, 2015
UI/UX design.
+2 Pat Needham · June 3, 2014
Bitcoin and/or cryptocurrencies in general. I don't want to pay anymore taxes.
+2 Ian Arbuckle · February 13, 2015
I suggest you finish the Computer Networking tutorials as I feel it needs tutorials on network security and digital and analog transmissions.
+2 Jaze 2711 · August 27, 2014
Tutorials for node js.I already saw the node js tutorials(for chat). It would be nice if there more tutorials in detail for every concept.Thank you.
+2 Dennis Jimenez · October 6, 2014
I think that you should upload some tutorials on Game Programming with C++, like you did with Java. C++ is always the choice of programmers in terms of Game Programming, as oppose to Java, which is for making everyday programs. Thanks!
+2 abhishek nicchanametla · June 28, 2014
i need tutorials about open source project in any language may be in c.just take an example project and explain for us...
your tutorials are very good... i must say...thanks...
+2 Sheena Torno · September 13, 2014
So I've read the posts and I also agree that there should be a Data Structures tutorial. For some dudes asking for OOP tutorials you can check out the Java Beginner series of Bucky and you'll understand the OOP concept I assure you, it was explained very well in a manner that you could definitely understand. I think a tutorial series about Data Structures would help us think more effectively and strategically to improve our ways of programming plus it would also be used in real time applications, big or small. :)
+2 Predrag Kostic · June 10, 2014
How to use linux terminal?
+2 Banana Derpson · December 18, 2014
Regular Expressions?
+2 Glenn Cook · October 6, 2014
Much more php and oop within the language, and database within php

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