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+105 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 Kaisar U4itel · December 3, 2014
Bucky, can you please do tutorials on Scala? I tried a course on it called "Functional Programming Principles in Scala" on Coursera, but I did not understand most of the stuff. He uses complicated maths examples, and sometimes I did not understand why he used certain formula at all...
Scala seems to be one of the best languages for concurrency and high performance, which is very useful when you are making sites which are visited by many people. That's why I want to learn it. But it is a very complicated language and only you can explain it easily. Please. And thank you.
0 Lachlan Mason · January 25, 2015
What about wordpress theme/plugin development.
0 ahmed bashir · April 11, 2016
what about c#..  ???anyway even if u dint make it, is ur tutorials about c++ going to support me during  c#..?
actually iv had benefit from ur c tutorials....and am thinking about c++ even though am doing c# so i just want some one to give me the green light..? 
0 Sho Carter · March 31, 2015

Swift (for Iphone)
Laravel 5
0 David Drew · April 11, 2016
Hi bucky please can you do Projects in Java ? LIke billing systems, reservation systems ?

0 Sampan Verma · March 27, 2015
I will like to watch Flash CS5 with Action Script 3.0 Tutorial.
Moreover HTACCESS is the toughest thing i know, i dont know how it works.... so help me:O
0 Dol Lod · February 23, 2015
Thank you for all the languages so far. You taught me enough Java to be able to build my own application in Android. In addition, you introduced me to things like StringBuilder, enhanced for loops, that saved an incredible amount of time on projects I've used Java for. Python was just as useful. 

Prolog please.  I know it could be considered random, but this language is ridiculous. It is entirely based on logic, and is very hard to understand what you are doing. I can't find many people teaching this kind of language. 
0 Sheldon Juncker · June 19, 2014
Perl! You've covered almost every web development language except this one. :-)
0 K D · February 23, 2015
Thank you so much for the tutorials.  You have helped me so much in Computer Science.  I know you are probably very busy but I would appreciate some Go tutorials when you have time.
0 Tom Call · November 21, 2015
 Ethical Hacking  the very fast begining

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