What tutorials would you like to see next?

+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 STANLEY OVERBY · April 18, 2016
I would love to see you do some tutorials on smartwatch apps or face design. Android & Apple watch
0 Ricky singh · December 17, 2014
crop profile picture like how you have done it on your site
0 Bibek Kumar Agrawal · November 24, 2015
data structures in c++ and Boolean algebra
0 Ahmed Moussa · August 10, 2014
how about not making a new tutorial but in every single tutorial you made before like Java or C++
you start kind of project that use most of the things you had taught us in that tutorial so we would have some kind of final project we can use what we have learned so far in the tutorial :D
0 Francis Cormac Britton · December 17, 2014
If the assembly videos are gone then may we please have some new ones?
0 Hassan Mehmood · June 10, 2015
About how to get clients for web design business. Instead of freelancing.
0 mike tembo · April 17, 2015
just started android development do I have to know all the code by heart like bucky or maybe just know what it does and comment it.

I would like to see more tutorials in the android section about storing objects data in SQLITE and been able to querry a specific item or items and display them in a list or lables
0 kathiressan sivanes · November 9, 2014
Hey Bucky , i would like to see a tutorial about the swift programming language. ;D
0 Jacob Selvestar · November 18, 2016
Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator tutorials will beneficial to learn and make career.
0 Lachie Bollard · April 23, 2017
please quantum mechanics

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