What tutorials would you like to see next?

+108 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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+1 Hussain Shaikh · June 13, 2015
Dota 2 workshop alpha tools ................. and....some javaScript advance form validation creating profile for user .... 
+1 Roman Stephenson · December 3, 2014
So i would want to see like a complete project being down and it would be functional, for c++ and java and a complete website as well which would require all of the web programming languages we have learned so far like javascript, php, python, ruby,sql and database, html and css. 
+1 Roman Smirnov · July 7, 2015
Advanced Excel. 
I'm studying computer science in uni and Excel is required material. You have to pass an exam with stuff like nested functions, array functions, MATCH, INDEX etc. etc. This stuff is not covered by your relatively basic tutorial :)
+1 Rahul Ragesh · July 7, 2015
How about building android app like angry birds or subway surfer?? Like incorporating animation in android apps!! :D 
+1 Erp Eight · December 11, 2014
More tuts by Alex that would be great
+1 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 11, 2014
+1 Arnab Banerjee · January 28, 2015
Yea embedded system going to be cool 
+1 Rishab jain · April 11, 2016

Since Google is a very big company and it started it's own language GO LANG . and I would like to learn atleast basics of it . So can we get the vedios over it as Beginners for GO LANG

+1 Hank Man · August 9, 2014
automated stock trading please
+1 Tarun Pothulapati · December 7, 2014
.Net Please

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