What tutorials would you like to see next?

+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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+2 Oscar Excel · October 30, 2015
Please bucky, make a tutorial on game modding with hxd....I've searched for tutorials but no hope...I'm really a great fan of ur work...ur tutorials are very helpfulhelpful, its the best in the world...
+2 Awesome Flame · December 22, 2014
Advanced Android Studio Java, More about Publishing and Making Games. Learn how to blend 2D & 3D games into Android Studio. Possibly Construct 2
+2 Earl Hudson · January 26, 2015

 I don't really think it matters what you decide to make your next tutorial on because someone will find it useful.
However, I would like to propose an idea. Should you make another tutorial on computer languages, I hope instead of you going over each command, show an example, and move on to the next one you could take the time to add your examples together and at the end of the tutorial series have a nice program. For example make an RPG game in c++. You could show everyone each command, and as your videos progress add each example to the last. At the end of the series you have a fully operational RPG.
I think instead of just showing the examples, seeing how they fit into a full program, and work with each other would give them a better understanding of just what they are in for as they progress in their programming future. At the same time, it teaches them how to properly structure a larger program, and allow  the modules  to work together.
 You could have the people on here offer suggestions on features to your program once you decide what it is.

Oh, and ummm, by the way In case there is a mis-communication... I vote for RPG in C++. Just sayin
+2 Miss Diana · December 22, 2014
I'm new here. I heard a lot about thenewboston before, but never try watch the tutorial. Now, i just subscribe your channel, register account on your forum and give support. Well i suggesting tutorial about hybrid development for mobile, maybe using ionic, phonegap etc.  
+2 Chad Lajeunesse · January 26, 2015
Hey Bucky I think after seeing yours android dev series, having a series while building the ONE app would be useful to see.  Making an app as though you were a freelancer and building and app for a company. An app that would teach us how to properly use OOP and the java language.

After choosing an app, making 2 series (android-ios) would be really helpful to understand OOP. This would also be helpful for real life scenario as most clients out there would like the ios and android versions of there app. 

...now to think of an app idea 
+2 Marek Kuryksza · February 26, 2015
Robotics and Electronics
+2 Zurrell Loriez · January 26, 2015
Well I can suggest quite a few. As far as databases how about Redis, Mongo, or Neo4j? I would also like to see an extensive nodejs tutorial.  Keep up the good work man
+2 Gregory Ballantine · June 13, 2014
How about some Perl tutorials? :D That would definitely be interesting.
+2 Tomáš Matlovič · March 19, 2015
continue javaFX :)
+2 George Politis · April 1, 2015
I would like an application that you will use openstreetmaps and/or openweather.

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