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0 Junaid Khan · November 16, 2014
Hope you are doing GOOOOD.
I have been watching all your tutorials and it’s been a pleasure to have you on YouTube with such a wonderful blog and tutorials. I am a student in Swinburne university first semester and studying ‘C Programing’ for the first time in my life, I have a project submission in 2 weeks’ time which is about developing a game called “UNBLOCK ME“ using C language. Am using Quincy btw as it is assigned to us by the university. I was just wondering if you could post some tutorials on how to do this game.

Right now I’m completely exhausted to find out the solution. Here is the link to that game which uni gave us to have an idea and along with that they have provided us an .exe file as well with all the description. Can I send u the description??? And maybe you can help me out … because it’s getting so tense out here…

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Swinburne University of Technology.


Unblocked Me is a logic game that allows player to drag the blocks and move them left, right, up or down, depending upon their orientation. The goal is to move the targeted block out through the opening on the right of the board.

Develop a game with C that will automatically generate a set of random blocks (represented by single digit integer) on a 6 by 6 game board (2-dimensional array).
You are free to select the number of blocks for your game. Minimum requirement is to have at least 7 blocks (vertical blocks and horizontal blocks).
You are allowed to design your own combination of random blocks with more than 7 blocks. However, you will be required to design a mechanism to avoid initializing blocks combination with no valid solution.
The targeted block is represented by symbol ‘*’, the goal is to move it out through the opening on the right of the board. The initial position of targeted block should be located either at column 2 or column 3 of row 3 in the array.
The players will be allowed to select any block and move it either horizontally or vertically.
The performance of the player may be measured by counting the number of steps taken for the targeted block to exit the board (You may introduce other ways of measuring player’s performance).
Each element of array contains the following suggested attributes :
a variable of number representing the block
Indicator to indicate the dimension (vertical / horizontal) or length of the block
Or any other attributes you think appropriate to your program
Thus, the element can be described as “struct” of array in the C programming language.
The record of previous players is stored in a plain text data file. The information of all the previous players should be displayed at the beginning of the game. User / player will also be prompted to key in their information, and that information will then be stored in the same text file.
Input to the system is through a DOS command window.
Output should be printed on DOS window to show the latest layout of the board.
 Graphical window interface can be used as an alternative (optional)
The assignment must be written in C using Quincy 2005. Build options must include strict ANSI/ISO compliance, C99 support.
Use an iterative process (spiral or prototype SDLC) to design and implement a solution to your program. That means
write a small program to do a little bit of the problem
compile and run the small program
next, add a function or two
compile and run the improved program
repeat step 2 until you are finished
Functionality to run the game
This program must first prompt the user (in the command window) for the next action to be carried out.  (Do provide appropriate menu of actions).
After each action entered by the user, the latest layout of the board will be printed / displayed.
The user should be able to terminate the program at any time.
The program codes MUST be in functions. DO NOT write all the code in the “main()” function.

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0 Diana Andrew · December 4, 2014
have you got the solution in C? i would want that as well. If you do have it, can you share it with me? don't worry, I'll change the codes a bit so that it won't be the same and not plagiarized. thank you
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