Buying a New Laptop Soon

+1 David Matthews · November 16, 2014
Looking to buy a new laptop soon, I will be using it for mostly gaming, and programming. I would like at least 6gb of RAM, but I only have about 400-600 dollars to spend. Any ideas? Or am I just out of luck. Also the 2 in 1 laptops, do they affect the fps you get in games? Or is there no change.

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0 jan burg · November 16, 2014
What kind of games? If you mean cutting edge 3d games, you'llneed to spend more. Otherwise, you should be able to findsomething. Are you looking to use your laptop as a notepad at all?
-1 David Matthews · November 17, 2014
I should be using my laptop to play games like Smite, Counter Strike Global Offensive, and Minecraft. A notepad computer is not necessary, because I have a tablet already.
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