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+1 David Matthews · November 16, 2014
Hello, I was looking for some a 3d modeling software/program and someone who does constant videos or has done pretty in depth videos on it. On Bucky's YouTube his Blender videos where about 5 years old so I was wondering if there was any other YouTubers making them.

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+1 So Mill · January 16, 2015
There are tons of great tutorials out there, with just about all the 3d modeling software you can utilize any tutorial and do the same thing in each program, they just go about it differently. 

But here are some great blender tutorials:


- http://www.blender.org/support/tutorials/ 

Also youtube is a great source.

The best thing to do is just pick up the program and mess around with it.
- 3ds Max user blenders a great and powerful software.
0 membrek smith · January 7, 2015
yeah blender guru is rock for blender tut
0 David Matthews · December 7, 2014
Still waiting on laptop, annoying me very much. I'm very excited to learn how to 3d Model lol.
0 David Matthews · November 30, 2014
Ok, I got a pretty good laptop, and it was on sale because of Black Friday. If I have to I will make a new desktop, but since I travel a bunch I was thinking a laptop would be the best choice. The reviews say its great for 3d Modeling, so I'm hoping it will work :D.
+1 David Matthews · November 26, 2014
Ok, thank you!! Right now, having trouble with updating flash so I can't watch, but my new laptop will get here in about a week or so.
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