Best program for creating textures?

+6 Jens Heldt · June 2, 2014
In my 2 months of learning proper texture-mapping(UV mapping), I've just used Paint.NET.

Paint.NET is kinda general-purpose, and I bet theres a better tool out there. Something with grain creators, better support for the UV layout etc. Does anyone have a good recommendation?

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+1 Pablo Jose · June 17, 2014
My experience creating texture UV maps has been with Photoshop. 

I also have friends in the industry.  They use Photoshop for creating textures for use in Maya.  These are common programs, but professionals will use whatever program may be required to get the job done.

-2 Jens Heldt · June 13, 2014
But vector graphics are only suitable for a small amount of textures. Its hard to get rid of that "vector" look, when you're trying to create realistic terrain textures etc.
0 Jens Heldt · June 9, 2014
I don't care if its not free. Recommend anything.
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