Best program for creating textures?

+6 Jens Heldt · June 2, 2014
In my 2 months of learning proper texture-mapping(UV mapping), I've just used Paint.NET.

Paint.NET is kinda general-purpose, and I bet theres a better tool out there. Something with grain creators, better support for the UV layout etc. Does anyone have a good recommendation?

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0 Tan Kean Lee · April 29, 2016
Best unwrap program IMHO = UVLayout (just for unwrapping, nothing to do with painting/ediing texture)

another program for texture mapping is famous Photoshop, ... yeah, you should know this software and IMHO this is best texture mapping software.

However, for today requirement of CG Art, Photoshop alone is not enough, maybe you can take a look into Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Quixel NDO and Quixel DDO.
-1 So Mill · January 16, 2015
Best program to create textures is probably Photoshop as there is so much you can do with the program.

Producing Normal/AO maps, etc...
- xNormal is great!

Interactive Texturing Software (My personal favorite as I dislike using Photoshop)
- Substance Painter (Love the program)

There are other programs like bitmap2material (great program to have too), crazybump, quixel ddo.

I personally think the best programs to have are:
- Photoshop (for touching things up)
- xNormal (produce great normals and Ao maps, also free)
- Substance Painter (My personal favorite)
0 Jens Heldt · December 25, 2014
Kinda angry how CS6 Photoshop has a bump-map generator, I'm making them manually in CS5. 
0 Eloi Francis · December 24, 2014
for advanced texturing foundry MARI is the best. 

Thn there is 3dcoat,z brsuh,mud box .all these can also sculpt aswell as texture .

Hope this helps .
0 Eloi Francis · December 24, 2014
algorithmic substance painter is another cool app for texturing .
0 Joe the Farmer · September 13, 2014
I like and use a program called aseprite to draw images.
It kinda works like but with just a bit more functions and it allows you to make GIF files.
You can play ten dollars for it or use aseprite 0.9 
0 თორნიკე ნოზაძე · August 23, 2014
Crazy bump is best for normal mapping : )))
0 Jens Heldt · June 30, 2014
Yep I got photoshop now. You won't be able to pry my hands off this program.
0 Zak Strange · June 24, 2014
I use Paint.NET or Photoshop always
+3 Buddy Blackford · June 24, 2014
Most 3D Texture artists that I know use photoshop for creating textures
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