Can you call an html document like CSS

+4 Jacob Beck · November 15, 2014
So I am messing around and trying to make a web site. I was just wondering if you can call an html document like you do a CSS document. What I have is the footer from "CSS3 Awesome Footer Tutorial" that I turned into a tool bar. I want to call it on all my .html types so I don't take up all that space. If there is a way please do help. 


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+1 Ron Butcher · November 15, 2014
You could use an Iframe to do it.

<iframe src="awesomeFooter.html"></iframe>

Personally, I am not a fan of Iframes.  An Iframe loads each document independently and treats it as separate web pages that are mashed into one.
I like to use PHP to make a template of my site, then I use include statements for my page template.
all body code here

The include statement loads the pages into the existing page and spits it out to the user as one html page.
0 Jacob Beck · November 16, 2014
I see, thanks. Do you think I should wait to learn PHP before trying to build a website? Thanks again. 
+1 Ron Butcher · November 16, 2014
No, I would not delay building the site.  I would go ahead and build the site.  That is the best way to learn.  As you go, you will learn better and more efficient ways to do it.  Then you can come to your own conclusion on what works better for you.

I have rebuilt my site a ton of times over the last few years.  Each time I learn a new and more efficient way to do things.
-1 Jacob Beck · November 16, 2014
Thanks, you have been very helpful.
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