inventory control system ... again ;)

+1 hareth muthanna · November 15, 2014
still working on my application  ( inventory control system ) 
i dont have problems now .... 
but i red something made me wonder ??
i red that mysql doesnt take more than 1000 row !!! 
how is this will work ???
for items i dont think the inventory will have more than 1000 items
but for the inputs and outputs records .. of course they will be more than 1000 row ...
how can i fix this problem ?

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0 hareth muthanna · November 16, 2014
thats good ... now i know my app. will work properly
thanks Eugene ....  :) 
0 Eugene Botma · November 16, 2014
MySQL can definitely take more than 1000 rows. The amount of data is limited only by your storage capacity (hard drive space).

I think that you might have misunderstood, MySQL probably has a limit of 1000 rows when doing a group insert, in other words, you can't dump more than a 1000 rows of data in a single query.
0 hareth muthanna · November 15, 2014
in other words
can i put more than 1000 row in mysql table ??  what is the max no. of rows in a table ?
and when i want to get a record how many row will be shown ?? is 1000 row the max no. ?? if so how can i get more than 1000 ?? 
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