Responsive php website(running on internet) into android app

+2 Harsha Naidu · November 15, 2014
I have a responsive php website running on the internet. 
I need to make an icon visible on the mobile.
on clicking that icon it should open that website as an app.
I tried searching on the internet. But, I din't find the best answer. Hope you guys will give me the answer.

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0 Harsha Naidu · April 11, 2015
Hey I need to learn. Can you please teach me how can I make it?
0 Harsha Naidu · January 8, 2015
I need to learn it. Please give me some knowledge about it. I am in need of it.
0 Nathan Lloyd · December 12, 2014
Hey there, if you send me the details, I can create an app exactly like this for you. I can send you over the APK as well, so you can install it yourself or upload to Google Play.
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