What Programming language to choose first

+1 Pavle Knezevic · November 14, 2014
Which Programming Language should i start studying first.I dont like C++ that much so i want to go and start watching other programming tutorials.Pls help

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0 Pavle Knezevic · November 23, 2014
+1 Joe Klein · November 23, 2014
For everyone who got the same problem. You always have to think about what you want to do later. I never touched Java or C#, simply because I got no use for managed languages like those. For my project I required something with more flexibility so I've chosen C++.

You always have to think for what you need the language. :p
+1 Pavle Knezevic · November 16, 2014
Tnx.Everybody im studying C++ but im thinking to start studying new programming language and i will start with Java and Python
+2 Alf Nohr · November 14, 2014
Maybe check out Java? That was what I started with though.
+1 Itunu Johnson · November 14, 2014
Try python or Java
But if you dont know any at all you can just learn HTML CSS
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