.Net to become open source and cross platform

+1 Eugene Botma · November 14, 2014
While I am not specifically a Microsoft fan boy, I like using Linux as well, but I really love the .net framework. It's robust and powerful and just pretty much awesome. And, to my delight, Microsoft has announced that it will finally open the source code for .net completely, as well as make it cross platform. Visual studio 2015 will be cross platform as well.

Soon, applications currently only running on windows will be able to run on Linux and Mac machines as well, and ASP.net applications can be hosted on Linux machines.


This was a great move by Microsoft in my opinion, and it's great that the oracle java framework finally has some competition regarding cross platform applications.

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0 Greg Van · November 14, 2014
I agree that this is great! Microsoft is also offering a new version of Visual Studio: Community Edition. This is supposedly totally free for small, full-featured application development. It seems like you only need to pay if it's going to be a big enough project or if it's not within the bounds of being open source or educational. I've already installed it and so far see nothing indicating how many days I have left. http://www.visualstudio.com/products/visual-studio-community-vs
0 Colonel Panic · November 15, 2014
The first .net developer that asks me to support .net on linux is getting hit in the head with my django book. 
0 Eugene Botma · November 15, 2014
.Net isn't just ASP.net. .net is a much much larger framework and ASP is only a little part. .Net going to Linux is waaay larger than Django
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