I've watched some of bucky's tutorials on MySQL, HTML, CSS, and javascripting.

I just want to make a simple website that displays a new random picture each time you press a button, then a description of the picture below it.
With the basic knowledge bucky's tutorials give, can I actually create something like this? I've only watched about 10 videos in each series but I feel like I can't apply this to what I want to create. Is it difficult?

Currently i'm looking more into PHP, and MySQL to learn how to make a website like this. 
I have hundreds of photo's I want to display, so I figured I'm going to need to create a database? I want the randomize button to not display the same photo twice, until it's gone through all of the photos. But in a random fashion.

I don't really know much about web design/development, but I do know bucky is great teacher and i'm willing to learn.
Am I on the right track? Is this difficult to accomplish?
Thanks for all the replies!