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0 Joe Gonzalez · November 14, 2014
Hey guys I need help on this revised computer assignment. The professor never taught us about matrices or anything in programming.  He wants us to find the determinate of the square matrix A, |A|..(whatever this means?)

b) Write a program to find if the sum of the elements in the middle three rows is the sum of the elements in the middle three columns of the matrix. Find appropriate error message if the dimension of matrix b are sufficient to solve.

and last...Write a C function that takes 'n' as a parameter and prints first 'n' odd terms in the Fibonacci sequence ( the ones in the brackets)


He never taught us anything about function statements , how to run them  much less how to multiply matrices. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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0 Eugene Botma · November 14, 2014
I wouldn't expect your computer science prof to teach you about matrices. It is assumed that anyone taking college/university level computer science courses has done or is doing calculus and linear algebra. Usually is compulsory in the first year for computer science degrees (pretty much all B.Sc degrees actually). That's where you will learn about matrices. 

For A, I suggest you review your linear algebra course or consult someone at your school/college/university about it.

B is easy enough. It's basic array programming. Take the sum of the middle column, the sum of the middle row and check if they're even. Surely you did arrays.

C is also easy enough. You might know functions as methods. Usually this is taught in high school and revised in college/university. Methods are usually covered before arrays, so if you did arrays, you probably methods/functions as well.

Try to review your course work, Maybe you missed the class he handled methods/functions in.
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