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+1 Jack Jones · November 12, 2014
I have made a program that gets the user to store some details such as there first name and there surname etc, once they have filled it in it gets stored into a structure array. However I need to modify this program to use file I/O to store the information in to a file (which should be user optional) And there should be an option to open a file of previously saved data. I'm unsure of how to do this, Any help would be appreciated :)

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0 Jack Jones · November 17, 2014
Thank you for the offer, however it is something that I need to learn to do myself :)
0 Jason Amador · November 17, 2014
It would be really easy in C++, just use fstream, but I don't think you have that library in C.  I found a resource that might help, it doesn't cover writing to a file but hints at it.  I bet you can figure it out by messing around with it.
0 Jack Jones · November 18, 2014
Thank you will take a look
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