heys guys

+2 Gavin Butler · November 11, 2014
im new..just joined.... starting out in java...at it about two months now...so far its only a slight pain in the hole...nice to meet u folks

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0 Çağlan Turgut · November 14, 2014
Welcome to the warm community of Bucky'sRoom! If you have any question(If you don't just yet I can guarantee that you will) feel free to ask. 

Happy Learning! :)
0 jan burg · November 14, 2014
WElcome! I'm doing java right now as well, relearning from scratch. It's definitely a slight pain. As long as I learn one thing per day I'm happy.
+1 Troy Jones · November 14, 2014
Only slightly? Nonetheless... Welcome to the party!
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Just joined the website? Feel free to introduce yourself here. Oh, by the way, welcome to BuckysRoom!

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