Posts with [i] are being removed.

+2 Alex Sweps · November 10, 2014
Check this post for an example.

Whats happening is when we post an array the square brackets are removed  when we post. So "array[_i_]" needs to have underscores added for it to be visible.

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0 Doug Fresh · November 22, 2014
ok, I figured it out. [__i__] (without the underscores) is a bbcode tag. At first I thought it was a JS issue, but after doing some research, this is the problem. The tag would need to be disabled, and another work around will need to be made to post italics or emphasized text; eg: <em> <i>
+1 Doug Fresh · November 22, 2014
this is a test,


yeah, still not working
+1 Çağlan Turgut · November 10, 2014
-> [_i_]
 -> [_i_]

-> [_i_]

EDIT: There was supposed to be "i" s before the arrows..
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