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+1 Robertas Micius · November 10, 2014
Hey people. I just trying to start learn some php and when i find tutorial on youtube or somewhere so its written in comments that its old php and dont waste time learning it... I was searching for tutorial reg/log system php but im getting confused..

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0 Susan Moss · November 10, 2014
Hello there, the videos in Bucky's Room are very good, you can watch them in this link:

Also you can find a lot of excellent tutorials about PHP (and many other languages and topics) in the seciotn "Videos & Tutorials" here:
0 Robertas Micius · November 10, 2014
Thanks for you reply. 

Yes, I know here all tutorials, I tried to watch, but these PHP tutorials isnt old code? 
+1 Ron Butcher · November 12, 2014
Most of the tutorials that I have found still use mysql when connecting to a database instead of mysqli (MySQL Improved).  The old style of mysql is depreciated and will be removed from PHP at some future update.

This does not mean that the tutorials are no good.  Watch them, learn what they are doing, and test it out.  When you understand what they are saying, start looking at mysqli or PDO.  If you use procedural mysqli, the commands are almost the exact same as mysql.  

Most of these tutorials also use procedural programming instead of OOP (object oriented programming).  Some people will say that this is out of date as well, but the truth is that it is still widely used in the world of PHP programming.  It is also something that you need to have a good grip of before you can move to OOP (you need to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run).

My opinion is this:  continue watching the tutorials, Bucky has some really good ones, but also look at other peoples to see the different way of doing things.  When you see people saying it is wrong, or out of date, get involved in the conversation and ask why.  Most of the time it will be something simple like mentioned above.  That does not make the entire tutorial out of date, just one command that can be easily converted to the new syntax.
0 Jeremy Benson · November 13, 2014
How much php do you know? Just wondering, if you're just starting out I wouldn't really worry about learning a login system yet. Learn variable, string functions, math, output, functions, and all the other basics. If you're going too far ahead you'll likely bog down...

If you already know the basics a login system is easy.

Use unique IDs in a sql database to match to your members. When they type a username and password into a form you haul the information out of the db if the typed credentials match you stick the ID variable in $_SESSION.

For a login system you'll want to know plenty of php, some SQL(including how to make databases and tables.)

It's not too hard :)
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