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+2 Jonah Morrison · November 9, 2014
Hey Everyone,

Since there is not a lot of activity on the forum and peoples questions are not getting answered and my stream is clogged with "Hey Bucky I need help with this or do that" I think it would be cool to have a post lets say every 15 items or something showing a forum post that has not been answered or just encouraging people to visit the forum!


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+1 Homer Simpson · November 9, 2014
Great idea! 
+1 Pere Garau Burguera · November 12, 2014
It's not a bad idea, however, they are working on the forum and in the future it will change a lot. 
0 Jonah Morrison · November 12, 2014
Still think its a good idea. Kind of like a call to action. They are proven to work...
0 LP new · November 13, 2014 has expired. no one is responding to it, where can the files be downloaded. are they lost for ever.  who is the moderator for this site or forum. how to get response from anyone.
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Tell me what you like about the forum and what sucks about it here.

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