I have a project where i am trying to create a process which will store a value in the array which will then output a prompt for the value entered. Ultimately i need want to create a program which will evaluate the values entered unto 100 find the biggest smalls and average from the entered sums.


#include <stdio.h>

// prototypes as listed above

void GetValues(int x[], int *pN);

int FindBig(int x[], int n);

int FindSml(int x[], int n);

float FindAvg(int x[], int n);

void main()


int a[100], myBig, mySml, n;

float myAvg;

GetValues(a, &n);

myBig = FindBig(a, n);

mySml = FindSml(a, n);

myAvg = FindAvg(a, n);

printf("The largest value is: %d\n", myBig);

printf("The smallest value is: %d\n", mySml);

printf("The average value is: %.2f\n", myAvg);


float FindAvg(int x[], int n){

int sum = 0;

for (int i = 0; i<n; i++){

sum += x;


sum = sum / i;

return sum;


void GetValues(int x[], int *pN){

int c;

for (c = 0; c < *pN; c++){

printf("Enter the value %d", c);

scanf("%d", &x