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+1 Prasanta Sarmah · November 5, 2014
i m a beginner of python programming language and i make a program but there is something with this,  when i try to open the file in the command promt then it disappeared, i cannot see the output.
can any one give me any solution??
here is the code :-

print"this is first program in python"
x = raw_input("Enter name :")
print"hey " + x

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0 Doug Fresh · November 10, 2014
If a program runs fine in the Python Interpreter, but fails to run in windows command prompt, then you have an issue with the environmental "PATH" variable. Basically, for windows to know how to run a python file in a command prompt, it must have a pathway to borrow from.

depending on the version of windows/python that you use, there is a little tutorial on this page:


If you are using another operating system, there may be some steps you can take to add environmental variables to your system. docs.python.org/ is your friend.
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