+1 Arnab Banerjee · November 5, 2014
What is a 'Thread' in Java and what is meant by adding  'implements Runnable'  with a class in Java ? Please answer in a Simple manner.

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-1 Homer Simpson · November 6, 2014
You can find the answer to that here.
0 Arnab Banerjee · November 6, 2014
Oh! Thank you very much! and I got another question what is meant by Try  &  Catch in Java ?
+1 Kuroodo Ditory · November 5, 2014
Have you tried using the tutorials offered on this site?

Here's a non-technical explanation.

Threads are a way to multi-task/do multiple things at once.

You need to implement Runnable so that you can use the Runnable interface. This allows you to use a method called Run. The Run method is the method that is called whenever you start a new thread, and basically is where you place the code that you will use in your thread.

(I kinda just copied off everything stated at the beginning of the video)

(Correct me anyone if I am wrong)
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