I have learned about this organization last year a few months before the week of Computer Science.

What these guys try to do is spread computer science education into schools. They are a very inspirational group and their influence has even reached my school district (well only a select few teachers who acted on their own will. My district was ignorant about this, even when I contacted them personally).

Here is their most latest video:


They seem to mainly be focusing on younger students/people. I guess that they want to influence the young to get into computer science. The young generations will be our future, and will influence the young generations of their time. They host an event called "An/The Hour of Code". Basically it asks for students,people, and schools to take one hour of their time to learn to code.

I signed up on their site last year to see what kinds of things they were offering. I was redirected to codecademy.com . They have an interesting educational program honestly. I learned some Javascript, html, and CSS using their courses.

If you have any children, are part of a school, or are willing to contact your local school district, spread the word about this!

Hey you know what would be cool? If TheNewBoston/Bucky/BuckysRoom had some sort of contribution or partnership with code.org :O

I see a bright future ahead of us  and computer science. Pass the tuna sandwich please!:D