+12 LP new · November 4, 2014
trying to access project lisa files from, surprising hostgator reflects that its expired. hey how can I now download the project lisa files. any help???

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+3 Abdullah Nauman · March 16, 2015

Can anyone share i need immediately the forum expired

Do you have an email or something that you want me to send the SQL file to? I have it if you want. I downloaded it back when the forum was still there.

+2 Tilak Sahu · June 15, 2015
Hi can any one share the file. My email id is
+1 Sangay Rabten · January 18, 2016
same here..i was really motivated through your project where i can find...i am crazy learner
0 Guitoo Stephane · May 17, 2016
Hey Guys, I am trying to learn mysql so please send the the mysql file
0 shweta ranjan · February 2, 2015
Hey exactly my problem is same, even i want to download the project lisa.rar file but the link is not available, could you send the project at Please do help I urgenty need that project file to work upon it.
0 msm fathih · March 16, 2015
Can anyone share i need immediately  the forum expired 
0 Mina Mel Y. · June 21, 2015
I need that file too :(.
0 Noah Xu · November 29, 2016

Thank you very much, Really appreciate anyone could share the file with me as well.

Thanks again

Best Regards
0 Noah Xu · November 29, 2016

Please again, Thank you all
0 nithin gautham · December 9, 2014
hi , please mail all the lisa files

or better yet put in dropbox and share , would be greatly appreciated
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