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+2 Homer Simpson · November 3, 2014
I think it'd be pretty cool if we could get some chat rooms going on here. Yes no maybe so? 
Like maybe a programming section, gaming, general chat, and of course we'd need one for any and all things related to bacon...

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0 Homer Simpson · December 6, 2014
Holy crapper doodle!! Lol. I did not kno that
0 Jragon Chan · December 6, 2014
The IRC has been running for the past 3 odd years xD it's a remnant from the old website.
0 Homer Simpson · December 5, 2014
:) Thank you. I posted this before the irc though lol.
0 Jragon Chan · December 5, 2014
Just so you know, there's a Newboston IRC chat: ##newboston on
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