Events and Listeners

0 Developer John · November 2, 2014
Ok, so I can never understand what these are for. Obviously an Event Handler handles events, but what specifically are events? Listeners listen for events, but what will I use a listener for? Idk, my mind is full of questions.:sideways:

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+1 Alex Sweps · November 3, 2014
The event is the click. The listener is listening for the event. When it gets clicked it knows to run the code in the event handler. aka, "handle the event"
0 Developer John · November 3, 2014
What is an event then besides a click or a hover?
+1 Alex Sweps · November 3, 2014
A listener is put on a component so it knows to listen for something to happen. Like a click or a hover. Basically it just lets the component know that it will be used for something so keep an ear out lol.
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