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+36 Sediq Muslim · November 2, 2014
hey, the Project Lisa video series i have is up to Video No# 45, and the source code is also not available, please let me know where can i get the source code for it and the whole video series.

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0 Roy Terry · September 11, 2017
Hey Guys itz Roy again,
   please i need the real website for Project Lisa that has already been hosted and it is online,i mean the community project website that is already complete and running online.
Hope to get a response ASAP
Thank You.
0 Roy Terry · September 7, 2017
I have sent the codes by email to the emails i found here in this forum
0 Roy Terry · September 7, 2017
I have the project Lisa code
how do i upload them here?
0 Roy Terry · September 6, 2017
Hai Guys,
  i really do need the project lisa sourcecode files but it seem bucky is not aware that we need that cuz i have not notice his reaction on these comments...please any one have it send them to or refer me to any link where i can download.

0 Roy Terry · September 4, 2017
Please some one help me with project Lisa source code to
0 Sanjeev Kumar · April 23, 2017
Please send me full source code of Project Lisa.
I will work for this project.

my email id :
0 Nishant Kumar · April 17, 2016
Hi Bucky, Can you send me the project Lisa Source Code here please or on my email i.e
0 Aditya Singh Parmar · April 11, 2016
please can somebody send me the source  code and database files of project lisa. please 
0 Chandan A V · July 24, 2015

PROJECT LISA  source code 
0 Adekunle Henry · July 22, 2015
Even the source codes are not complete. Keep bringing up undefined variable Keywords in html_codes.php on line 4 and Undefined Variable : error_message in register.php on line 54



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