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+35 Sediq Muslim · November 2, 2014
hey, the Project Lisa video series i have is up to Video No# 45, and the source code is also not available, please let me know where can i get the source code for it and the whole video series.

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0 Bijoy Kar · March 29, 2015
pls anybody send me the sourcecode to

0 Kailash Khali · April 18, 2015
Please provide me the source code of "project lisa" and also provide sql files of this project.
0 Thomas Moloto · July 6, 2015
Hey guys please send me the source codes here thanks
0 Sanjeev Kumar · April 23, 2017
Please send me full source code of Project Lisa.
I will work for this project.

my email id :
0 Saifuddin Kundawala · April 8, 2015
Hey bucky,thanks for such a beautiful tutorials.

Pls can anyone send me the source code,sql files on my id :

0 Manjunath B · December 2, 2014
pls anybody send me the sourcecode to
thanks in advance
0 Kunal Malhotra · December 6, 2014
Abdullah Nauman,
Hey bro Can u plz send me the source code of project lisa plz.
My email id is
Plz bro send 
Kunal Malhotra
0 Abdullah Nauman · July 21, 2015
Everyone can now download the code at You can download the code here:
0 wouter platteeuw · April 19, 2015
Can any1 send me the source code + SQL files for project Lisa. Thanks in advance.
0 Tincu Andrei · December 2, 2014
Please upload the sourcecode on the forum, as you can see there are many peoples who want to use it (including myself)!
Thank you!



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