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+35 Sediq Muslim · November 2, 2014
hey, the Project Lisa video series i have is up to Video No# 45, and the source code is also not available, please let me know where can i get the source code for it and the whole video series.

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+8 Abdullah Nauman · November 4, 2014
The source code was on tnbforums but the domain just expired. Like last week. I downloaded the code before it expired so I will send you the code i have(once I am on my PC) 
+2 lovkesh kumar · November 26, 2014
Please send me the source code
+2 vikas wankhede · November 10, 2014
Hi Bucky, Can you send me the project Lisa Source Code here please or on my email i.e
+2 c student · December 25, 2014
i have access to:
1. [106.21 KiB] and 
2. [1.22 KiB] 

 if these are the ones you are looking for, please comment or message me so i can upload them somewhere
+2 Abdullah Nauman · November 30, 2014
If you got the source code, it would be nice of you to give me a thumbs up. Just saying :) 
+1 LP new · November 4, 2014
could you send me the project lisa code/files. thanks
0 Alfred Weiss · February 20, 2015
Hi, i'm trying to find 'Project Lisa' code, so far unsuccessfully.

Can anyone who has it, please send it to me ?

i know i'm not the only one :-)
0 Nishant Kumar · April 17, 2016
Hi Bucky, Can you send me the project Lisa Source Code here please or on my email i.e
0 Shihan Shen · January 24, 2015
Can you send me the source code for project Lisa as well?

My email is:

0 greg odi · February 17, 2015
please need the source code and the database files for project lisa would be grateful if anyone can send it to my email



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