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+2 Joseph Mancuso · November 1, 2014
I've been using Notepad++ for a while now...a long while.... but I want to upgrade to something real good. I've upgraded my desktop computer a few days ago, added two monitors, a video card, a new PSU and now its time to upgrade some software. 

What I need in the software:

  • I need something that will allow me to use my two monitors, I.E: code in one monitor and view the website in the second one. 

  • I would also like the software to be self/live updating. So any changes I make in the code can self update and I will be able to view real-time what I am doing without having to constantly refresh.

  • I also need an FTP plugin so I am obviously able to work on websites that are on my hosting account.

These are the three main priorities that I can think of so far. Is there anything like this? I especially would like the second requirement.

Also, what do you guys use to code and why?

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+3 Samuel Oloruntoba · November 2, 2014
try brackets, it is available at http://brackets.io
+1 Pavle Knezevic · November 2, 2014
Yeah try Brackets I have it,but live self streaming is avaible only in Google Chrome cause software is in beta.Best think about Brackets is that its free.
+1 Patrick Black · November 3, 2014
Brackets is pretty nice...

If you can afford it DreamWeaver is really awesome once you learn.
0 Joseph Mancuso · November 3, 2014
sweet. thanks guys, ill try it 
0 ken casey · November 4, 2014
0 Elber Elberito · November 15, 2014
Is there any proper video-training for brackets Editor?
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