How to improve google page rank

+2 Ajeet Kesarwani · October 31, 2014
Hi Bucky,

it would be better if you provide tutorial on "how to improve google page rank" of our web site

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0 Akshay Bajpei · November 9, 2014
Use google AdWords frequently. This will help you to improve your Google Rank...
Good Luck!!!
0 Jeremy Benson · November 13, 2014
I heard somewhere the only good way to increase your ranking on Google was to have a lot of links leading into your site. Getting people you know to share your link of Facebook, their blogs, and other social networks is a good way to get this done. Don't use link farms and junk like that, I heard they penalize you for it.

I think the only way to get a good ranking site is the honest way:

1) Incoming traffic
2)Lots of links leading into your site.

This lets the web know you're well used, and well liked.
0 Ajeet Kesarwani · November 17, 2014
@Akshay Bajpei, @Jeremy Benson: thankyou for your great suggestion, 
brother i  would also like to know how to  place specific our key world in adwords.. 
0 Jonah Morrison · November 18, 2014
Careful with the links thing. There was one website a few months ago that asked people to link to their site for a special perk and Google removed them from the search results completely. This caused them to lose over 80% of their traffic!!!!
0 Jonah Morrison · November 18, 2014
Ya. Thats possible. Or maybe Google realised but some automated script?
0 Jonah Morrison · November 18, 2014
Possibly, then again Google is very, very smart! :P
0 Yassine Dakir · November 18, 2014
You have to do SEO , there is 2 type of SEO 
Whitehate : buying ads 
blackhat  : build backlinks and much more stuff yourselff
 i'm not good as SEO anymore since google has made an update latly and changed he's algo , but i can still help if needed
0 pen gie · October 6, 2015
you can use Rich Snippets. it makes your sites more appealing.
i don't wanna say much, you can go to to have understanding with rich snippets
0 Akshay Tiwari · November 1, 2015
Hey, I bit of disagree here with @Yassine Dakir.
I feel whitehat seo has nothing to do with buying ads. This includes may things such as making your website seo and user friendly, Meta should be well optimized, there shall be decent amount of keyword presence on your webpage, the url structure shall be good, each page/post must have unique and informative content and the most important thing is one shall have a html and xml sitemap uploaded on the website and the google webmaster. 
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