Where to learn Javascript ???

+4 Erp Eight · October 31, 2014
hey everyone!! I just watched Buckys Javascript videos but they are not enough to make awesome sites.
thats why i am searching for new javascript video tutorials if anyone know advanced javascript tutorial please let me know or if anybody know a good book of javascript ( through i hate reading books ) let me know.

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0 Adrian Rios · November 1, 2014
just learn jquery here in buckyroom 
+1 Predrag Kostic · November 12, 2014
The website codecademy.org is a great place to learn some JavaScript and jQuerry, they also have tutorials on HTML & CSS if you didn't already grasp the basics of those two.
0 Nikolaos Themelis · November 13, 2014
0 Susan Moss · November 13, 2014
Please check this study group at Reddit, is an attempt to organize and Learn JavaScript Properly:

"Learn JavaScript Properly - Omnibus Post"



 Also check related links in the side bar..
0 Predrag Kostic · November 13, 2014
That's interesting,might try it..
0 Colonel Panic · November 15, 2014
W3 schools is a great place to check out anything to do with web dev.

They do a great job of showing examples and providing test beds to try out some of the code they are teaching. 


If you get through all of the videos here, W3, and codeacademy.com, and still don't know how to use it. Then I would look at some open sourced sites that have a lot of JS coded into it.  There are a crap load of websites that will allow you to download pre built web templates to use for your own.  I found http://html5up.net/ to be a great example source on how to utilize JS, and Jquery.
+1 William Abboud · December 6, 2014
I have been programming in JavaScript for 3 years now and I have looked at tons of articles on the web on how to properly learn JavaScript. I find this particular article to cover the complete path to becoming a JS ninja. Also look at the stackoverflow question that was asked long ago the top answers are pretty good.


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