Good resources for learning AndEngine or any other 2D engine ?

+1 Matan Alfasi · October 31, 2014
Hello there,
I'm trying to develop a really really small game for android devices, and to do that I would like to use game engine.
Now I thought about AndEngine but I couldn't found any good resources for this, it was either not good or old..

So if there's any other good 2D engine with good documentation that you are willing to share with me OR good resources that you found about AndEngine I will be very happy to try them.

Thank you so much !

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0 Alex Sweps · October 31, 2014
Never heard of AndEngine but libGdx is the one I used for games in case you want an alternative.
0 Matan Alfasi · October 31, 2014
Okay thanks, are you sure it is working with the android SDK ? because that is the platform I'm developing for..


Any links or tutorials to start learning ?
0 Alex Sweps · October 31, 2014
Yeha man I wrote an Android game with libGdx via following these vids.

Havent released it yet though. 
0 Kuroodo Ditory · November 2, 2014
I use libGDX as well. I also suggest checking this guy out:

Then this guy's tutorials
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