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+1 Homer Simpson · October 31, 2014
Hi guys, I'm Homer. I enjoy donuts, bacon, and drinking duff beer. I work at a local power plant as a safety inspector. So my question to you is, what is your favorite television show?

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+1 Alex Sweps · October 31, 2014
South Park
0 Homer Simpson · October 31, 2014
What's your favorite episode?

This makes me lol every time!
0 Alex Sweps · October 31, 2014
hahahahha, man I dont know whats my favorite. Its too hard to deceide :P They got some real gems that crack me up no matter how many times I watch them
0 Dave . · January 21, 2015
Not necessarily in this order

Make Love not Warcraft

Imagination Land

Go God Go

Guitar Queer-O (perhaps the funniest unexpected ending I have ever seen. )

Major Boobage


and the list goes on
0 Mike Conroy · January 21, 2015
0 Saud Rehman · June 17, 2015
I love Adaalat it's too good.... My favorite television show is "The Daily Show" by Jon Stewart... It's worth watching :-)
0 Alan Johnson · June 18, 2015
Game of thrones
+1 Mr. Computer · June 20, 2015
Friends !
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