bootloader problem (need help)

0 Brian Henric · October 29, 2014
i'm trying to install kali linux (based on Debian) in my laptop,
but every time it try to install the bootloader (GRUB), it failed.
i'm installing with live linux. i've tried to install with graphical and install option but always stuck in "network hardware detect ".

so my question is:

- does anyone know why the bootloader installation failed and how to fix it?

- or does anyone know how to past the "detect hardware network" so it wont stuck while the installation is running??

please help me guys,
i've been trying to solve this problem for 3 days :(

i you're not clear about the explaination i gave, feel free to ask :)

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0 Brian Henric · October 30, 2014
lol good question,
just like programming, i would like to learn more about linux and security.

btw i had tried all of your options but its not working.
do you know how to install GRUB manually other then using grub-install, because every time i try to use grub-install command it says 'grub-install not found'.

do you have any idea what going on??
0 Brian Henric · October 31, 2014
haha so true.
i've seen someone that copy-paste code from google and using other peoples hacking tools and said he's a professional hacker and programmer.
and i've seen someone that could write and create he's own code and said he's still learning. :D

could you write the step for me please about that apt-get install grub2.
i'm a total beginner and i've been searching all over google but dont find nothing but crab.
and i've check the link you gave but dont really get it.
please help me with this, i've work on it for 4 days, i dont wanna give up but i'm loosing my mind :woot:
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