Read a .out file and print its contents

0 vercetti tommy · October 29, 2014
I have to create a c program that can read the contents of a file with ascii characters and convert them to their original values e.g. 009 = /t. 
Any help would be much appreciated :)

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0 You knees · November 2, 2014
These codes do not directly answer the given problem, but it can help.

you have to first write the Ascii characters using the following code:

(you have to change the location of the file in my code, replace it with the file location of your  .txt file)
it automatically creates the .txt file if you haven't made one yet.


the second set of codes is for reading the ascii characters

Notice that the mode "w" is change to "r" because these codes are for reading


this is the list of ascii characters

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