CSS3 Awesome Footer Source?

+1 Dennis Rönn · May 31, 2014
In the CSS3 Awesome Footer tutorials you said the Source code will be on your website (which back then was http://thenewboston.org/ , but 1 - 3 days ago I noticed it just was updated to buckysroom.org (which it wasn't earlier this week). I am looking for the source code so I can correct some errors but I can't find them, so I wonder: Did the source code posts not get transferred to buckysroom or am I not looking at the right place? /Dennis

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0 Mihai Marinescu · July 24, 2014
Thank you for the source!:D was going crazy already trying to figure out what doesn't work in my source
0 Abhishek Joshi · November 12, 2014
hello the link has expired kindly help me finding an new source code?
0 Elber Elberito · November 15, 2014
How can you copy the code from the video?
0 R.K Cheun · November 26, 2014
You can thank the person who saved it on their Github.
0 MASCOT AYERE · August 4, 2015
Some one should please give me a working link to "CSS3 Awesome Footer Source code"  non of the link above is working.

0 R.K Cheun · October 25, 2015
Here ya go bud, added it to my github repo, so if anyone wants it'll permanently be on mine.
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