HI Anybody Here Wana Help Me Personally With C++

0 poga kuofie · October 29, 2014
Hi am in college and we start doing c plus plus so i started watching buckys tutorials, and its being helping but i have been having problems with and assignment and other research so anybody here wanna help me personally with guidance and stuff i will be very gratefully
 thanks in advance!

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+1 Jeremy Hewitt · October 30, 2014
Best thing to do since you are in college is to get with at least 3 other programming students and form a study & creators/experimenters group, each person usually comes in with a slightly different adeptness & understanding and working together not only on common class assignments but also personal/group projects just for fun helps greatly, a lot of us in electronics and physics did this in college and it's great, as well as works for many types of subjects, there must have been half a dozen small programmers groups back @ ITT Technical Institute-Thornton, Colorado !!!
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